Hockey Store N More's Heroes Rewards program.


 Veterans, Active Duty Military, First Responders, RN's  and their immediate families.  


For every $100 spent, receive $15 in Hockey Store N More rewards  that can be applied to purchases, sharpenings and repairs. Rewards are  calculated before taxes and after any discounts. 


8/11/18 through 12/31/18. Rewards can be redeemed after 21 days and are valid for 60 days. 


 Because we appreciate what you do.   



Rewards can not be redeemed for cash. Not applicable to  team orders. Cannot be combined with other offers. Returns of items on  which rewards were earned will result in a reduction of rewards. 

How to get started

 Signing up is easy: Simply present your id (military, police, fire,  EMS, or RN) at the time of your first purchase and we will add you to  the program. There is no paperwork to fill  out.