Excellent sharpening. Real attention to detail. 

"Hi! Wanted to tell you that I bought a new stick for Jake last night.   First you had his flex and curve which is hard to find lefty, second  your employee was great and very helpful! Knowledgable!" 

Stopped in today, nice to see Pat hammering out some quality sharpening  on pair after pair of skates. Some good deals on top end sticks too! One  of these times I'll pull the trigger on a new one

You always did my skates right 

 Thanks again for sharpening the 3 pairs of skates I brought to you all at once this morning!! Much appreciated!  Skates  were barely usable yesterday afternoon by a bad sharpen (won't say  where).  Have two more games today at our tournament in Saratoga so my  husband will be bringing them in this morning.  So happy you open early  on Sunday!!!!!!

Every time I need something,  you guys are the first place I go. I'd even go so far as to to say you  guys are the closest thing to the old days of Kemp's a skater could find  in these parts, and that is a heavy compliment 

Hockey store n more is the best, bar none! 

So, this happened. First time I've actually been fitted for skates.  First time I've had them baked to conform to my feet. I've always used hand me downs until there was no blade left on my last pair. No excuses for falling now!!  Thank you Hockeystore N More for the best customer service ever.  

Class act Brad! Awesome of you to always put your customers first. 

Brad you are all class and an honorable businessman.

Doing right by people is what it’s all about. And that’s what you do 24/7/365 

The only place i go to get my skates sharpened. Top notch customer service. They have a small but solid inventory of sticks, skates and equipment but can also order in anything you need from any company.